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One symptom is that round objects are stretched into a horizontally oval. This chip uses red, green and blue sensors. PED Products sent me a sample mounting kit without camera and I am reviewing it. The flash memory is FAT32 file system. If the card is fake, the performance can be terrible.

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Fortunately in this case, the cheap soldering job allowed the wires to pull right out of the solder, leaving no trace of any modificatons. The card must be inserted with the gold contacts facing upwards, towards the buttons.

Here is a great YouTube review by techmoan http: The CPU in the 3 camera has 808 car keys micro camera m m logo.

Car Keys Micro Camera | eBay

The protection 808 car keys micro camera is exactly as the “Typical application circuit” shown on the datasheet. Expect the reliability cameera a toy, not the reliability of a name-brand camera. The SOC processor chips used in the cameras are proprietary designs. Any mass storage device, including the camera, can be infected by a virus or can infect a PC.

How to Use 808 #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki

Some processors can support an LCD display and composite video output, but these features have not been implemented in cameras. The MOV format produces videos which have a second gap between clips. I don’t plan to review it or 808 car keys micro camera it a number because it is not an size or in an case. This problem could occur with any version of the camera. Tom Frank started a forum about the p jumbo. It will also fix the 8 problem where the camera will not turn on.


Sellers of the 11, also sell some other versions Sellers of the 16, verified by the producer Sellers of the 18, verified by the producer Sellers of the Mobius, verified by 808 car keys micro camera producer With a few exceptions, many camera sellers don’t know what version they are selling, and don’t sell by the version numbers shown here.

Release the Power button. There is a webcam driver.

808 Car Keys Micro Camera Charging Instructions

The lens cable is very fragile. You may also turn on the camera before connecting to the PC.

I could make an addition timer circuit to turn 808 car keys micro camera camera on, but 30 secs is quite good anyway. One image is about kb’s, i. This website is often down. Maybe easier for someone with only average electronic skills?

If the camera has been configured to show the recording indicator while recording, the yellow LED will slowly flash at 2 second intervals, otherwise the yellow LED will be off. Temporal time problems involve frame to frame issues.


Super mini size, only around 50mm L x 32mm W x13mm H. Any battery module over 4. Don’t know what voltage is has though. Looking at the lens, the lens hole is either centered or offset to the right about 1. Here is a preliminary 3 camera report.

Car Keys Micro Camera – #1 Instructions

Some cards do not work well because the random write speed is too slow. The firmware might fix your camera or brick it, making it never work again. That is the only reliable way to ID your camera version.

Links You might need Google Translate for some of these links. Class 4 or faster is recommended.

OK if the firmware is upgraded with 15 FPS firmware that offers much better quality.